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Standard and advanced payroll feature comparison

You can easily compare the features between Standard Payroll and Advanced Payroll powered by Wagepoint.

This table explains the similarities and differences:

Features QuickBooks Online Payroll (Formerly Standard Payroll) Wagepoint
Free support Free phone and chat support.
Call or chat with payroll experts.
Run payroll in QuickBooks Run payroll and calculate payroll taxes right in QuickBooks.
Payroll reports Run payroll reports in QuickBooks
Payroll taxes Automatically calculate payroll taxes every time you run payroll.
Pay types Add different types of pay–like overtime, vacation, and sick pay–to your employees' paycheques.

Contributions and deductions Set up things like Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions or union due deductions to be calculated on every pay run.

Prepare tax forms Prepare PD7A and TPZ-1015 remittance forms to file with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec.

Year-end forms Prepare and file year-end summaries and employee forms like T4s and Relevé 1s.

Prepare employee forms Prepare T4 and Relevé 1 slips for employees at year-end.

Records of employment Prepare and file records of employment when an employee leaves.

Print paycheques Print paycheques on pre-printed cheque stock.  ✓
Direct deposit Pay employees by direct deposit for no extra cost.
Automatically file and pay taxes When taxes are due, we prepare the forms, submit them, and remit your taxes for you.
Employee portal Employees can view their pay stubs and tax forms online.
Pay contractors Pay contractors and create T4As at year-end.
Workers' compensation and CNESST Calculate, track, and remit workers' compensation and CNESST.  ✓
TSheets App  Supports Tsheets app integration  ✓  ✓

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