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Level 1

Covid-19 assistance report : T2 Schedule 1 Line 605 assistance description with corresponding "0" entry on line 295

CRA requests to disclose the COVID assistance on T2 Schedule 1 (Page 35 of T4012 - T2 Guide) as:
Use Schedule 1 to report income from the COVID-19 programs. Clearly identify each of the COVID-19 subsidies received on line 605 (for example, “CEWS $15,500”) with a corresponding “0” entry on line 295.

However, Profile shows warning on Line 295 if the amount entry is "0"  as:
Each description must have a corresponding amount. Otherwise, the description should be removed.

I tried to sign off the warning. But Schedule 1 Line 605 description got removed too and will not be showing on CRA submission view.

Any idea how to solve the warning, so that those info on Schedule 1 Line 605 and 295 being transmitted with the return to CRA ? Thanks.