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Insert breaks in QuickBooks Time mobile


  • Breaks can only be added for clock in and out timesheets, not total hour timesheets or PTO timesheets.
  • You must be an account administrator or a manager to edit timesheets or have permission to edit your own time.
  • Only manual breaks can be inserted into a completed timesheet. See: Create and manage breaks.
  1. In QuickBooks Time, tap Timesheets and select a timesheet.
  2. At the top, tap the three dots, then tap Insert break.
  3. Tap Start break at and select a time.
    • Note: the time will default to the middle of the timesheet. A time outside of the original timesheet cannot be selected.
  4. Tap Select break to choose a break type.
    • Note: Selecting an Unpaid break will display the new total hours for that timesheet.
  5. If needed, tap Duration to choose the duration of the break.
  6. Tap Save break.

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