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Fix bank upload errors in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn what to do if you have issues when you manually upload bank and credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online.

In QuickBooks Online, you can manually upload your bank transactions. If you can't upload them, or you get an error, don't worry. These are usually temporary and easy to fix.

Follow the specific steps below for the message you see.

This can happen if one of your transactions has 12 or more digits. QuickBooks can't upload transactions this large.

To fix this, remove the transaction from the file. Then, enter the transaction as an individual sales receipt or expense in QuickBooks. Then upload the file again.

If you need, you can also reformat your CSV before you upload them.

This can happen if you're uploading a file for a different type of account than the one you selected. For instance, if you chose checking but you're uploading transactions from your savings account.

You can select Cancel to go back and select another account. You can also select OK to continue with the download.

If you need to add payments to the one that's not connected:

You can upload transactions into parent or subaccounts. However, if the related parent or subaccount is already set up for online banking, you may see an error. You can connect either the parent or subaccount, but not both.

  1. Temporarily disconnect the connected parent or subaccount from online banking.
  2. Upload the file.
  3. Reconnect the original parent or subaccount to online banking.

QuickBooks is doing its daily download of your recent bank and credit card transactions. You'll need to wait a little while until it finishes to avoid errors.

Your upload timed out. It's just a hiccup - wait a few minutes and upload it again.

You can also check the account type

Make sure you don't import to a subaccount, which is a current limitation. If you need to do so:

  • connect the subaccount directly to the bank feed
  • Or, manually enter the transaction in QuickBooks Online.

Contact Support if you have a unique subaccount setup so we can help you identify the best way to move forward.

There's a temporary server problem with QuickBooks. Wait a few minutes and then you can try again.

Hover over ! Bank Error to see an explanation and your financial institution's contact info. Most of the time, these issues need to be fixed on your bank's end.

In the meantime, you can:

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