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Get started with Global QuickBooks Online Accountant

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

Welcome to Global QuickBooks Online Accountant!

This guide will help you get familiar with some of the main features in QuickBooks Online Accountant, plus you'll find links to other how-to articles so you can get your firm up and running.

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Add and manage your clients

In QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can add and manage your clients ‌directly from the Clients dashboard. Here, you’ll have quick access to your client contact  information, banking download status, and lead accountant information.

By selecting a clients name, you’ll be able to access the Notes tab to add any important information regarding your client, or use the Documents tab to send and receive documents. You’ll also be able to manage your client subscriptions and billing.

If you’ve purchased one of our bundle offers, follow the steps below to onboard a new client:

  1. Select the blank file you would like to activate 
  2. Select Edit client to update the client information Note: this may open in a new tab or window
  3. Select Save
  4. Select the QuickBooks icon

If you want to check the status of the current month-end review for a specific client, select the Bookkeeping tab. Learn more about month-end reviews for your clients.

Learn how to use the Client Switcher

You can see a full list of your clients and switch between your clients' books and your practice by selecting the Go To QuickBooks dropdown menu. To return to your client dashboard, select the QuickBooks Accountant icon.

Add and manage your accounting team

You can add and manage team members in your accounting or bookkeeping firm using the Team tab. Here you can add new team members, edit user profile information, update access permissions, and remove team members.

Team members can have access to administrative functions, client files, and your firms books. This will depend on what access you provide each member of your team.

Learn more about adding and managing your accounting team in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Automate common tasks and set up projects

Get a birdseye view of upcoming or overdue tasks in the Work tab so you never miss a beat. Automate common tasks and create projects to track all the work that your firm is doing from start to finish.

Need something from a client? Use the Work tab to create and share requests directly with clients. Whether it's a bank statement, or an answer to your question, your client can to access all requests from their My Accountant tab.

Add and manage apps 

QuickBooks Online Accountant offers ‌an optional yet extensive app library that can help expand the capabilities of QuickBooks. You can manage both your clients and your own third-party app connections using the Apps tab.

Check out our QuickBooks Global App Store, for a full list of apps available for you.

Familiase yourself with the accounting toolbox

Ever wished for tools that help you complete your work more efficiently? The accountant toolbox contains some of the tools you'll need to help save time while working on your clients' books. 

Let's take a look at some of the tools you'll find in the Accountant Toolbox:

Journal entries

Create adjusting journal entries to help fix minor errors or record uncategorised transactions that in turn keep your clients accounts balanced.


Need to start again with a reconciliation? The option to undo a clients reconciliation is unique to QuickBooks Online Accountant. Use the reconcile tool to undo an entire reconciliation and start over.

Voided/deleted transactions

Need to see an audit log report of deleted/voided transactions and make additional customisations? No problem. Select Voided/deleted transactions from the Accountant Toolbox to filter the report by user, date and events.

Reclassify transactions

The Reclassify tool lets you find transactions that have been assigned to incorrect accounts, classes, or locations. Instead of manually changing these transactions individually, use this tool to reclassify the account, class, or location on multiple transactions at once.

Reports options

Want reports to be presented in a way that is more useful to you and your firm? You can customise existing reports, as well as create custom summary reports from scratch.

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