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Check how much sales tax you owe in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 3 weeks ago

Learn how to use the Tax Liability report in QuickBooks Online to see how much sales tax you owe.

Get a detailed look at the taxes you owe and why you owe them. Run the Tax Liability report to view your sales tax info anytime. This helps you make sure everything is accurate before you file your return to your tax agency.

Run the Tax Liability report

The Tax Liability report is a summary of your taxable and non-taxable sales, plus the total sales tax you collected from customers. Here's how to run the report.

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. In the Find report by name field, search for "Tax Liability Report". Then, select the report.
  3. Select the Report period ▼ dropdown. Select the correct date range depending on how often you file your tax.
  4. Select the Tax Agency ▼ dropdown. Then, select All or just one tax agency.
  5. Select Run report.
  6. Look at the Tax Amount column. Here, you can view the total tax amounts you collected from your customers. The amounts would include federal, regional, and local tax rates (such as city, county, and/or province).
  7. To get a detailed look at what you owe, select any tax amount. A transaction report opens that shows how much tax you charged in each sale, and also shows you more info, like customers, transaction dates, and tax rate.

File your tax return

QuickBooks tracks your tax payment due dates in one place so you can avoid late returns and extra fees. Learn how to file your sales tax return and record your tax payment in QuickBooks Online.

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