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How to delete inactive transactions that appear in the chart of accounts

To delete the transactions that appear in a deleted account, the user needs to do the following:

  • Make the account active from the chart of accounts list.
  • Delete the transactions in the account one at a time.
  • Inactivate the account from the chart of accounts list.

Steps to activate the account:

  1. Select Accounting, then Chart of accounts.
  2. Locate the small gear icon on the right side that is above Action.
  3. Check Include inactive box.
  4. Locate the deleted account and select Make active.

Steps to delete the transactions:

  1. Under the Chart of accounts list, locate the account and select Account history .
  2. Select the transaction, then Delete. Repeat for all other transactions.

Steps to inactivate the account after deleting all the transactions:

  1. Locate the account in the Chart of accounts list and select the Account history drop-down arrow.
  2. Select Delete.


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