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Stock control between e-commerce and QuickBooks Online with OneSaas

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn how to integrate your stock levels between e-commerce systems with OneSaas and QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Connector (OneSaas) typically has the ability to integrate stock levels between e-commerce systems and QuickBooks Online. Stock control features can often be a part of your QuickBooks Online.

Learn how QuickBooks Connector works

  1. QuickBooks Connector pulls product data from both e-commerce and QuickBooks Online. This includes the SKU/Product Code and product name.
  2. QuickBooks Connector will then match products between the two systems based on SKU/Product Code.
  3. If the stock level option is selected, QuickBooks Connector will check your QuickBooks Online for stock levels and then carry this across to the e-commerce system.
  4. Going forward, your QuickBooks Online will alert QuickBooks Connector if there have been any stock level updates.

When a sale is made in the e-commerce system, stock levels are processed in the following method:

  1. QuickBooks Connector pulls sales invoices from the e-commerce system and pushes this to your QuickBooks Online.
  2. Your QuickBooks Online takes the sale along with the product data and recalculates the stock levels internally.
  3. QuickBooks Connector detects the change in stock levels and passes these updates back to the e-commerce system.

Learn about QuickBooks Connector’s limitations

  • QuickBooks Connector can’t pull stock levels from one e-commerce system and push this to another e-commerce system. The reason for this restriction is because there is no stock-level control if a sale is made.
  • QuickBooks Connector can’t pull stock levels, cost prices, and tax details from e-commerce system and push this to QuickBooks Online products.
  • QuickBooks Connector will only create products in QuickBooks if the items from the e-commerce system are set to track or manage stock. If the items aren’t set up to track stock from e-commerce, regardless of the setting, we will only create the products in QuickBooks as non-inventoried.
  • If there were any manual changes made to stock levels within e-commerce systems, these will only be overwritten when QuickBooks Connector receives new updates from QuickBooks Online.

    This is because we don’t get any notifications from the e-commerce system when stock is manually updated. We will only trigger stock sync on that product if an update is detected in QuickBooks Online.

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