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Get the total number of customers in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online can show you how many customers you have in your company file.

  1. Select Sales from the left menu.
  2. Select Customers at the top.
  3. To change the number of rows shown on the list, select the Gear icon above the Action column, then select the Rows drop-down.
  4. To see the total customer count, scroll to the bottom of the Customers screen.
    Note: If there are more customers in your QuickBooks Online company file than what shows on the first page, select Last and the complete customer count will be on that page.

If you would like a report of customers for mailing lists or to have all of their info on a list, you can export your Customer Contact List to Excel.

  1. Select Reports from the left menu.
  2. Locate and choose the Customer Contact List report.
  3. (Optional) To customise the report, select Customise at the top.
  4. Select EmailPrint, or Export.
  5. If exporting, select Export to Excel.

Once the file has been exported to Excel, you can sort the data based on different criteria (i.e., address, currency, open balance amounts, etc.).

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