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How to make cash sales entry?

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How to make cash sales entry?

Hi @finance-india 

The following are the steps to record ‘Cash Sales’

1) Click ‘Customer’ at the menu bar, and select ‘Enter Sales Receipt’ from the drop down list

Or select ‘Create Sales Receipt’ at the home page.  

2) The ‘Sales Receipt’ window open


3a) Click the drop down arrow in the ‘Customer: Job’ box in order to select the customer’s name.

3b) The window below shows the drop down list after clicking the arrow in the Customer: Job box.

4) After selecting the buyer from the drop down list, follow the steps below to complete the record.

A: Set the date the transaction was made or leave default.

 B: Fill in the box with the receipt number  

C: Click the drop down arrow in order to select the item purchased by the customer. And automatically, it appears in the box. 

D: Fill in the quantity the customer is buying 

E: Change the rate of the item or leave default 

F: QuickBooks automatically calculates the amount if step D&E are done. 

G: If the payment is by cheque, fill in the box with the cheque number. 

H: Select the payment method from the drop down list by clicking on the drop down arrow.

I: Fill in the box with a small note on either the transaction or the item or leave blank. 

J: QuickBooks add all the items bought price altogether and the total appears here.

Click Save & Close after filling in the necessary information


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Comment below if you need to ask more. Enjoy your day.