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Get started with the Cash Flow menu

Learn how to use the tools in the Cash Flow menu to track the money coming in and out of your business.

Managing cash flow, the money coming in and going out of your business, is key to success. But your bank and credit card balances change constantly. This makes it difficult to keep track of everything or know how much money you'll have in the future.

With the Cash Flow menu in QuickBooks Online, you get tools designed to track your cash flow. They can help you save money proactively and help you make informed decisions about your sales and spending.

Use the Cash Flow menu tools

Use the Cash Flow planner to forecast your future cash flow

The Cash Flow planner is an interactive tool that lets you explore future money in and money out situations without affecting your books. This lets you make informed decisions about your sales and spending.

The planner analyses your data, looks for patterns, and predicts future events. It gets data from the rest of QuickBooks and connected bank accounts. You can also manually add events to tell QuickBooks about possible money in and out on the horizon.

Learn more about the Cash Flow planner.

The Cash Flow menu has two main sections: Money in and Money out with reports available for each.

Use your Cash Flow to collect money

Money in shows your:

  • Overdue invoices
  • Open invoices
  • Quotes
  • Unbilled activity

Money out shows your:

  • Overdue bills
  • Upcoming expenses
  • Payroll withholdings
  • GST withholdings

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