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Connect accounts as a Master Administrator

Find answers to questions about connecting QuickBooks accounts for those with Master Administrator rights.

If you're a Master Admin for QuickBooks Online accounts and a QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) user, you can now connect all your clients' accounts in one place.

You'll be able to quickly jump from one client to another, purchase wholesale pricing, and reap the benefits of using QuickBooks Online Accountant-only tools to meet your clients' needs.

The following sections answer Frequently Asked Questions about this feature and its benefits.

A Master Administrator (or Master Admin) is typically the person who created the company file in QuickBooks Online. Master Administrators have access to all parts of the company file, and can grant permissions and access to other users.

For more information about the Master Administrator role, and roles in general, see Get to know user types and permissions 

Yes, unless stated otherwise, after you connect, you continue to be the Master Administrator for the company, as well as the accountant for the QuickBooks Online account.

To transfer the Master Admin role to another accountant for any reason, and only be an accountant, see How to transfer the role of Master Administrator.

If you are eligible to connect accounts, a pop-up message and banner prompt you to connect with QuickBooks Online clients for whom you are already an accountant user.

If you are a QuickBooks Online Accountant user who is also the Master Administrator user of one or more currently-active QuickBooks Online accounts, you are notified that you can connect the client company files on which you are a Master Admin to QuickBooks Online Accountant.


When you log in to your QuickBooks Online Accountant firm, a pop-up message and banner inform you that you have QuickBooks Online books (client company files) you can connect to.

You can select the Get Started button to start the connection or you can dismiss the alert permanently.

Once you select Get Started, a screen listing all the clients you can connect to appears. From this screen, you can select specific clients to connect or you can choose to add them all.

Once you select the clients to connect to and confirm the connection, the clients are automatically added to your Client list, and the alert banner indicates whether the connections were successful or unsuccessful.


Once you connect your clients to your QuickBooks Online Accountant file, you can easily switch from one client to another from the drop-down list on the Accountant Toolbelt.

You can also use the accountant-only tools such as the features available from the Accountant Toolbox, the ability to share or request documents in Work, reclassify transactions, obtain discount wholesale pricing for your clients, and more QuickBooks Online Accountant benefits.

Your client will be able to see that you are their accountant user on the Accountants Tab of the Manage Users page.

To open the Accountants tab:

  1. Select Settings ⚙️.
  2. Under Your Company, select Manage Users.
  3. Select the Accountants tab.

The Accountants tab lists all active accountant users, and all invited accountant users.

You can disconnect a client you connected to either from QuickBooks Online or from QuickBooks Online Accountant.

If you disconnect from QuickBooks Online, remember to remove only your accountant identity, not your user identity.

The following articles provide specific steps to disconnect a client:

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