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Collaborate with clients using the Work tab

Learn how to collaborate with clients using the features on the Work tab in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

The Work tab and the Client request feature lets you communicate with your clients from QuickBooks Online Accountant. You can also use this tab to share documents with your clients easily.

Note: You can use the Client Request feature only for clients with QuickBooks Online subscriptions.

Create a client request

From the Work page, use the Create Client request tab if you need to know your clients response on important matters (such as needed documents, due dates to set, or additional info on your request).

  1. Select Work.
  2. On the Work dashboard select Create client request.
  3. In the Create client request panel, enter a name for the request in the Request name field.
  4. Select the appropriate client from the Client drop-down list. You must enter a Request name and select a Client to activate the remaining fields in the panel.
  5. Enter a Due date for the request.
  6. (Optional) Select a Status and enter any pertinent Details.
  7. Select Add document, select a document, and select Close to attach the document to the request.
  8. Select Notify client to send a QuickBooks-generated email to the client regarding the request.You can preview the email before sending it to the client.
  9. Enter the text of the email to send to the client in the Message field of the Preview email panel, and select Save and send to complete the request.

Your request is posted to your client's My Accountant page in their QuickBooks Online company file, and appears on your Work page and on the Client details page.

Note: For more information about the client's My Accountant tab in QuickBooks Online, see How to use the My Accountant tab

Edit or update a client request

You can edit or update a client request to add comments, edit, or remove a document from the request.

To update a client request:

  1. Select Work.
  2. On the Work dashboard, select the appropriate client request.
  3. In the Edit client request panel, optionally update the Due date or Status fields.
  4. Under Documents, select Add document to attach a document to the request, or, for an existing document, select Download, Remove from request, or Delete to manage the document.
  5. Under Comments, enter any comments, response, or instructions for the client request.
  6. Select Save.

The request is updated as you specified.

Retrieve shared documents

When a client shares a document with you, the document is posted to the Shared documents tab of the Client details page and on the associated request card available from the Work tab.

To retrieve a shared document:

  1. From the left menu, select Clients.
  2. From the Client list, select the name of the client to open the Client details page.
  3. Select the Shared documents tab.
  4. Locate the document in the Documents list.
  5. From the Actions column drop-down menu, select the More ... icon then Download to download the document.Alternatively, select the link in the Request column to open the Edit client request panel to view or update the original request, or download an associated document.
  6. Select Close.

These changes are reflected on the Work tab.

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