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Sort and filter transactions in a register

Learn how to sort or filter a register in QuickBooks Online.

Do you want to sort or filter a register? A register (or account history) lists all of the transactions for an account. We show you how to sort and filter a register.

Note Some registers, such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, can only be sorted by Date.

Sort transactions

By default register transactions are listed by most recent date. However, you can sort most registers using the following criteria.

  • Date: Sorts the list by transaction date
  • Ref no: Sorts the list by the transaction reference number
  • Type: Sorts by type of transaction
  • Payment: Sorts by the amount of the payment
  • Deposit: Sorts by the deposit amount
  • Reconcile Status: Sorts by the reconciliation status of the transaction

To check whether you can sort by the values in a column, hover over the column header. If an up or down arrow appears, you can sort by that column.

To add or remove columns, select the Gear icon above the Balance column and select or clear the checkboxes of the columns to add or remove.

The Balance column only displays a balance amount when the register is sorted by Date or by Reconcile Status. If you sort by any other column, the Balance column displays N/A.

Filter transactions

You can apply filters to reduce the number of transactions listed.

  1. Select the Filter icon.
  2. (Optional) Enter a specific reference number, amount, or name in the Find field to view any matching transaction.
  3. Select a filter to apply from the drop-down lists in the Reconcile Status, Transaction Type, Payee, or Date fields, or enter a date range in the From and To fields.
  4. Select Apply.

The register displays only the transactions that match the filter.

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