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Enable pop-ups for Mozilla Firefox

QuickBooks Online sometimes provides useful information in the form of a pop-up window. For this reason, the pop-up functionality of your Mozilla Firefox web browser is very important and will need to be enabled when using the program.

To enable pop-ups for Mozilla Firefox

  1. Select the Menu button.
    Note: The menu button looks like 3 horizontal bars located at the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Choose Options (for Mac users: Start from the Firefox menu then select Preferences). You can also press the F10 or ALT key to use the Tools menu.
  3.  Select the Privacy & Security link from the left menu.
  4. Scroll down to the Permissions section.
  5. Next to Block pop-up windows, choose Exceptions.User-added image
  6. Enter then select Allow.
  7. Enter then select Allow.
  8. Select Save Changes.
  9. Restart Firefox.

Some toolbars have their own pop-up blockers and the menu options or icons may vary. You can hover your mouse over each icon, then text will then appear describing what the icon does. When you hover over the pop-up blocker icon, it will give you a list of pop-ups blocked or the current on/off status.

To see what toolbars you have and make them available, select the View menu then Toolbars.

If after all these steps QuickBooks Online pop-ups are still blocked, press the CTRL key before selecting the button or link that brings up the pop-up window. This will suppress any pop-ups.

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