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Run reports by class in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Class tracking in QuickBooks Online Plus allows you to categorise different segments of your company, like store departments or product lines.

By tracking transactions by class, you can easily monitor each segment, run reports to analyse sales, costs, and profitability, and use this information to plan ahead and set budgets for each class.

Learn how to run a report and see your:

Sales performance by class

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Select Standard tab. Then, run these reports:
    • Sales by Class Detail
      This groups your sales class, and shows more info, like date, type, product or service, quantity, rate, amount, and balance. 
    • Sales by Class Summary 
      This groups your total sales by class.

Business spending by class 

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there). 
  2. Select Expenses and suppliers to show the group of reports.
  3. Select Purchases by Class Detail. This groups your purchases by class. 

Profitability by class

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Select Business overview to show the group of reports.
  3. Select Profit and Loss by Class. This groups your income, expenses and net income by class. 

Transactions and balances by class

Not only can you view your transactions and balances by class in other reports, you can also customise some reports (like expenses by supplier summary) to group info by class. Here’s how: 

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Open a report.
  3. Select Display columns by ▼ (or Group by ▼).
  4. Select Classes

Customise your class reports

From within the report, you can customise any of the reports mentioned in this article to suit your specific needs by adjusting the date range, grouping of information and more.

To see all changes you can make, select the Customise option in the report.

New to custom reports in QuickBooks? Here are some basic ways to tailor your reports.

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