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Understand your QuickBooks Online invoice

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Learn how to read and understand your invoice from QuickBooks Online.

If you have a discount expiring soon or need to understand why your price has increased, we’ll walk you through what you may need to look for in your billing cycle. 

If you have a question about a charge from QuickBooks, you can look it up here. 

Read your invoice

Invoice header

Header: The header is a quick reference of the primary invoice details. 

  • Invoice number: This is for reference only
  • Total: This is what you paid
  • Date: This is when the payment was processed
  • Payment method: This is the payment method you have on file
  • Payment authorisation code: This is for reference only

Bill to: This section contains your company information, including address and Company ID

Payment details

Item: Here, your subscription is listed. If you have more than one subscription, each subscription is listed separately. For one line item, you may see: 

  • QuickBooks product: This is the product your subscription is for. You’ll see the quantity of each product, their individual product cost, and how much the cost is for you.
  • Discount: If you have a discount, it’s listed just below the product, and includes the date for which the discount expires. 
  • Price after discount / subtotal: This displays your amount after the discount is applied. 
  • GST: This is the relevant tax that may be applied to your subscription.

Total invoice: Here, your total is listed. If you have any discounts, the total amount you saved is displayed below the total. 

Tax reporting information 

Here, you’ll find the billing period and charge totals information.  

  • Period for monthly subscription fees or Period for annual subscription fees: These are the dates for which you are being charged. It also tells you if you are on a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Total without tax: What you paid for just your subscription. 
  • Total tax: What you paid in taxes. 

More than one invoice received

There are a couple of reasons why you may have received more than one invoice in a billing period:

  • A payment has failed: If the first payment has failed, we will try to process it again and another invoice will be sent. This will look just like your first invoice. 
  • You upgraded or added a product: If you upgraded or added a product during a billing period, you’ll receive two invoices.
    • The first invoice will include the following note:
      Note: This month you will receive a separate bill for [new product]. On your next billing date, your [new product] subscription and your [current product] subscription will be on the same bill. 

Invoices sent when adding a product mid-billing cycle may be pro-rated, if applicable. During future billing dates, multiple product subscriptions will be included on the same invoice.

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