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Everything you need to know about wholesale billing

Learn how wholesale billing works so you can pass discounts on to your clients.

As a ProAdvisor, you can subscribe to the wholesale billing program. This lets you offer exclusive discounts to clients who are new to QuickBooks Online. They become part of your wholesale billing plan and you get to decide how to charge them for it.

For the latest info, visit the wholesale billing website.

How wholesale billing works

When you move a client’s company to wholesale billing, you pay the cost of their subscription from then on. You can then bundle QuickBooks Online into the services you provide. You cover the subscription costs for all of your wholesale billing clients. Your clients get full-access to QuickBooks so they can do their accounting.

Advantages of wholesale billing

  • Long-term discounts - Wholesale billing provides long-term discounts to your firm and clients.  In the long run, your clients save more than other ProAdvisor discounts you can offer. And it's only available through you. Note: The wholesale billing depends on the current list price of the subscription, and is subject to change.
  • Flexibility - Wholesale billing gives your firm flexibility for what it can offer. You can include the cost of QuickBooks as part of your firm's services and adjust your prices. Or you could simply invoice customers for a specific discounted rate. It's up to your firm.
  • Peace of mind - Your customers don't have to worry about subscriptions or fees since you handle it all for them.

Get started with wholesale billing

To get started, make sure your firm's billing and subscription info are up-to-date.

Learn how to add new clients and check out this step-by-step guide on how to manage your wholesale billing plan.

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