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How to add custom fields to invoices

If you use QuickBooks Online Plus, or Essentials, you can create your own custom fields on invoices, sales receipts, refund receipts and credit notes.

Set up custom fields to appear on sales forms

You can easily set up custom fields to appear on sales forms:

  1. Select Settings ⚙️.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. Select Sales under Accounts and Settings, then go to the Sales form content section.
  4. Select the pencil icon in that section.
  5. Enter a Name into each dialogue box beneath the heading Custom fields and select whether you want the field to be internal (only displayed in QuickBooks), or public (displayed in QuickBooks and displayed/printed on sales forms).
  6. Select Save and then Done. These fields will now appear on your sales forms.


  • If nothing is entered in the custom fields on a specific sales form, the field will not print.
  • Editing the checkboxes and names in the custom forms styles section of QuickBooks will change all custom form styles custom fields on the Sales transaction. The best practice is to check all three options and use only what is needed when filling out the Sales transaction. The unused fields will not appear on the printed or delivered form.

Now you're able to add custom fields to invoices.

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