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How clients and accountants view the audit log

When a client company and an accounting firm work together, it is important to be able to differentiate which side, the client or the firm, made which changes in the audit log.


  • Craig, the owner of Craig's Design and Landscaping Services, has invited two accounting firms to access their books.
  • Firm A was hired to clean up their books so that their tax accountant at Firm B can do their taxes.
  • Bob from Firm A has made a change to Craig's Design and Landscaping Services' books.

What does the client see?

  • Since Craig is a client of Firm A, he is provided with enough information within the Audit Log to know which firm has made a change.

What does Firm A see?

  • Since Bob is an employee at Firm A, other users within his firm are able to see that it was Bob who made the change.

What does Firm B see?

  • Since Firm B has been invited to also make changes within the client's books, they are able to identify that Firm A made this change.

Now you know how clients and accountants view the audit log.

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