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Manage your clients with the Client dashboard

Find out how to use the Client dashboard in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

When you go to Clients, you see your “Client dashboard” which shows a list of your clients with items that need your attention. On this page, you can access your clients' books and tax returns with just one click.

We'll walk you through the different parts of your Client dashboard and how to maximise their use.

Want to access your client’s actual company? Check out the Client Overview.

In the Client/Contact column, you see your clients’ subscription status, business name, and contact person.

Check the subscription status

Hover over the QuickBooks icon beside your client’s name to know about their subscription type and its status, the last person who last signed in, and when.

View and edit client details

When you select your client’s name, you are redirected to the Client Details page. On this page, you can edit your client’s info and create a note.

Edit client

To update your client’s business info, select Edit client at the upper right.


You can enter a reminder so you don’t forget any important info. Just save the note, then select the pin icon at the lower right area of the saved note.

Shared documents

Some of your client’s transactions might need attachments. In the Shared documents tab, you can view, delete, download, and upload documents or images.

Other tabs

In the Client Details page, you also see the Bookkeeping tab. To know more about them, continue below.

The Email/Phone column shows your client’s email address and contact number.


Select the email or contact number to open your default messaging app. No need to copy their info.

In the Banking column, you see the pending online banking transactions as of a number of days. To review these transactions, select the link and you’re redirected to the Bookkeeping tab.


Here, you can view account balances and review problem transactions.

Account watchlist

This is a list of your client’s account balances and the date they were last reconciled.

For Review in QuickBooks

This shows the number of pending transactions you need to review. To transfer or add these transactions to the account, select Review now.

To prepare for taxes, proceed below.

Check out how you can remove or delete clients to clean up your list.

I only want to see my QuickBooks Online clients.

From the Client ▼ drop-down menu at the upper right, select QuickBooks Online. You can also do this for different products.

I want to change the columns.

  1. Select Settings ⚙ at the upper right, under the Add client button.
  2. Select the checkbox for the columns you like. Note: You can include inactive clients.

I received an error saying "Something went wrong." How do I fix this?

Log out, then log back in to your account. If you can still see the error, clear your browser’s cache and log back in.

Where do I find my Wholesale Billing clients?

Select Settings ⚙ then Subscriptions and Billing. You see all your Wholesale Billing clients.

I want the old dashboard view.

We hear and appreciate your thoughts about our product.

  1. Select Settings , then select Feedback?
  2. Feedback is sent to our product team so they can prioritise enhancements to this feature.

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