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Elaine C
Level 2

GST reporting

Hi QB community, my company is reporting GST starting 2 Jul. I am looking for a GST report that will reflect all of the individual purchases and the corresponding individual GST for each day. Currently, the tax agency detail report reflects only total purchases and total GST for each day.  We are using Desktop Premier 2013 edition.  

To illustrate my point, 3 screenshots attached.

Screenshot 1 (tax agency detail report).  For 2 Jul, total purchases is $1,342.27, corresponding GST 7% is $93.96.

Screenshot 2 is from the purchases account. The yellow highlighted reflects the individual purchases adding up to total $1,342.27 2 Jul.  But this report does not reflect the individual tax amount. Also, this purchases account includes both GST and non-GST purchases. So it is difficult to identify at a glance the GST related figures.  

Screenshot 3 is the write cheque feature where I enter the purchases and their related GST or non-GST status.  Note the vendors do not have individual accounts.  All payments are made to "cash in drawer".  

Looking forward to your advice. Thank you very much.

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QuickBooks Team

GST reporting

Hello Elaine C, Welcome to the Community page, please can you call the desktop premier support team on 0808 168 9535 and they will be able to help you resolve your questions.