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Discontinuing support for Internet Explorer and old Safari versions

An important change is coming to browsers you use to sign in to QuickBooks Online.

As technology improves, we want to make sure you get the best and most secure experience in QuickBooks Online. Therefore, starting March 18, 2019, we are dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 10 and below.

Go over these frequently asked questions to learn more about how this change impacts how you use QuickBooks Online.

Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for me?

If you upgrade to the latest version of your browser, you'll continue to get the best and most secure service possible and keep up with trends in technology.

When did support end for these browsers?

As of March 18th, 2019 we no longer support Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 10 and older.

Why are we discontinuing support for these browsers?

Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 10 and older are not using the latest technology. As we continue to increase the number of online applications available to customers, we want to make sure we are using the latest and greatest technology. This creates more opportunity for developers and a better experience for our customers.

What will happen if I continue to use an unsupported browser?

You’ll see a message that lets you know you are using an unsupported browser. You may also run into parts of the product that do not work as expected.

Which versions of QuickBooks are affected by this change?

  • QuickBooks Online (all versions)
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant

What other browsers can I use?

Learn more about supported browsers and other system requirements.

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