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Create shortcuts to frequently-visited web pages

Learn how to make shortcuts to web pages you use a lot.

In an effort to save time, you can create shortcuts to pages you frequently use.

Understanding shortcuts

Things you should know:

  • Uses your browser's favourites/bookmarks bar to create the shortcut links.
  • Works best in Google Chrome. You can store your bookmarks in Chrome. For instructions on how this is done, check out Google support.
  • This method isn't company or version specific. It can be used for any client that's open, with the following exceptions:
    • Links to modules that are unique to a higher version of QuickBooks Online won't open in lower versions.
    • Icons created for specific registers won't work across different companies. Unless, the account has the same Name and Account Number in each company.

Creating shortcuts

  1. Open your preferred browser. (Note: Google Chrome works best with this setup.)
  2. Log into a QuickBooks Online company.
  3. Within the company, browse to the page/screen for which you wish to create an icon.
  4. Create the icon (bookmark/favourite). Select your browser for instructions:
  5. Repeat steps 3 through 4 for each page/screen you wish to add.

Result: This will create direct shortcut links to pages you frequent.

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