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App of the Month: Chaser

Good morning everyone! Today is Halloween and whether you celebrate it or not, our next App of the Month is bringing all treats and no tricks.


Chaser is a 5/5* rated, multi-award winning app that helps you chase invoices without losing the human touch.  It gives you the insights to better decide which customers to grant credit to and how best to chase up your customers to pay their invoices.


How Chaser can benefit your clients

With 92% of small business having outstanding debtors that contributes to destroying 50,000 of them a year, we see how Chaser can diminish that pain;

16-day debtor day reduction giving a cash flow boost of £4,400 per £100,000 turnover.

7.3 hours saved a week on credit control activities. 


How it works with QuickBooks

You already use QuickBooks Online to manage your accounting. Enhance that experience with Chaser - cloud credit control software to intelligently manage your accounts receivable. 

Easily maintain a single source of truth for invoice communications
Generate reports and intelligence on your customers’ payment behaviors 

Run world-class accounts receivable with Chaser - the perfect complement for accountants and finance teams using QuickBooks Online.


Webinar dates

Join the free Chaser webinars and see how it can benefit your business and/or clients:
Small Business: Wednesday 7th November 1-2pm  sign-up here

Accountant: Wednesday 7th November 10-11am sign-up here


Additional information

To discover pricing head over to their website

Try Chaser out for FREE with a 14-day trial


Has anyone else tried out Chaser already? Chasing invoices can be sometimes awkward and a hassle, how do you do it if not with Chaser? Let me know below!


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