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QuickBooks Team

Hello there, asim2. 


The app stores cache files that sometimes causes the unusual behavior of some pages in QuickBooks. We can clear those piled up files to refresh and QuickBooks can function well as expected. 


If we're using the Desktop app, we can click the Help menu and select Reset App Data. Here's how we can reset using the Android mobile app:

  1. Go to Menu ☰ then click More Options ⋮.
  2. Select Settings then Refresh Data.
  3. Click YES to confirm.

iOS mobile app

  1. From the Menu ☰ and select Help & Feedback.
  2. Click Refresh Data.
  3. Hit Refresh to confirm. 

Let's check the page where we see the unusual behavior again to check if it works as expected. If the same thing happens, let's uninstall and reinstall the app. 


Keep me posted on how this works. I'll be here to keep an eye on it.