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When I connect to my RBS account. it comes back to say Authentication Failed

QuickBooks Team

When I connect to my RBS account. it comes back to say Authentication Failed

Hi there, @mail26.


I can help connect your RBS account in QuickBooks Online (QBO) successfully.


First off, let's verify your bank login credentials by signing in to your bank's website. If the credentials are incorrect, I suggest contacting your financial institution to help reset your login. If it's correct, you'll want to make sure that the credentials you enter when connecting your RBS account in QBO are accurate.


However, if you get the same result, let's perform some troubleshooting steps to get this resolve. To do that, let's try logging in to your QBO account using a private or a different browser. This way, we can check if it's a browser data issue.


Here's how:


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Press Command + Shift + N for Safari

If this works, it means that you need to clear the browser's cache so the system can start fresh. 


If they get the same result, I highly recommend reaching out to our Phone Support Team. They can investigate this connection further and help you connect your RBS account to QBO.


Just in case you can't find your downloaded bank transactions in the near future, you can read this article for detailed information on how to resolve it: What to do if you can’t find downloaded bank transactions.


If you need any additional assistance while managing your bank accounts, you can leave a comment below. I'll be sure to get back to you.

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