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Open Banking Connection Errors

Open Banking in QuickBooks Online saves you from tracking your bank transactions manually. However, you may occasionally encounter an error that will prevent you from downloading your transactions.

Here's how you can fix Open Banking errors in QuickBooks.

Error 324

Error 324 is usually accompanied by these messages:

  • We can’t find this account at your bank
  • You don’t have any supported accounts

This happens if you are trying to connect your account via Open Banking and your account type is not supported by Open Banking.

To resolve this error:

You can choose to import bank transactions using CSV until your bank starts supporting a Open Banking connection for your account type. You can learn more about error 324 when updating to Open Banking.

Error 350

Error 350 means that the bank has stopped allowing the connection. This happens when you remove QuickBooks’ permission to connect on the bank's website, or if it's been 90 days since you last granted permission.

To resolve this issue, you will need to provide the required consent to connect your bank accounts.

Error 571

Error 571 means that you have either closed the consent page while connecting to Open Banking in QuickBooks, of you may have pop-up blockers on your browser that are active. This prevents you from completing the setup and proceeding to the transaction page.

To resolve this issue, disable the pop-up blockers on your browser and try to connect again. Alternatively, refresh the page to allow for the consent page to fully load.

If you are a Mac user and you are directed to an error or blank page  after the pop up fails to load:

- Reset the router and try again
- If that fails, reset the NVRAM (Apple Support can assist you with this if needed)

Error 590, 591 or 355

Error 590, 591 or 355 are temporary errors impacting your bank connection and should self resolve within 48 hours.

To resolve this issue, wait 48 hours for the issue to self resolve. If this persists for longer than 48 hours, contact our QuickBooks Support team by going to the Help ? icon in QuickBooks.

Error 7500 or 9999

Error 7500 or 9999 is usually accompanied by the message, “Sorry we can’t update your account, please try updating again later.” This means that your account’s transactions are not updating.

This is a temporary error and should automatically be fixed within 48 hours. If this persists for longer than 48 hours, contact our QuickBooks Support team by going to the Help ? icon in QuickBooks.

Bank Balance shows £0

If your bank balance shows £0.00 after connecting to your bank account in QuickBooks, sign out and sign in again to QuickBooks. Then, you should see the correct bank balance. If not, select the Update button to try again.

You can try to clear cache and cookies or try logging into QuickBooks in an incognito / a private window.

'Sorry, you don't have any valid accounts' for Bankline accounts with RBS, NWB and Ulster Bank

'Sorry, you don't have any valid accounts' could impact Bankline account with RBS, NWB or Ulster Bank.

This could be because you don’t have any accounts available on Open Banking or do not have the appropriate account privileges with your bank to share your information.

To resolve this issue, set up the appropriate Open Banking privileges on your bank account or contact the Bankline Service Desk on the freephone number found on the Bankline website for assistance.

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