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Approve bank transfer records from the bank in the QuickBooks Online app

Learn how to approve bank transfer records from the bank.

With online banking, you can easily accept bank transfer records from the bank. We'll show you how.

You must have your bank account set up with online banking before you follow these steps.

    1. From the Menu ☰, select Banking.
      • If multiple banks are connected, select the bank you want. (Tip: Use the list icon to get a better view of all connected accounts [it looks similar to the Menu ☰ icon]).
    2. Select New Transactions to see transfers.

    1. If the transfer to/from accounts are correct, swipe right to accept, or select the transaction name to see the details.

    1. Select the account if you need to change it.

  1. Enter a memo detailing why you changed the account.
  2. When you're done, select Accept.

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