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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Banking - closed account

I have a single NatWest current account. For some reason the account would not sync. Instead QB created a new account (same bank account number). In respect of the old account I get an error message saying "We can't find this account at your bank.". When I connect to the bank it asks me whether I want to mark the account as closed. I ticked the box and the error message disappears. However the next time I log in the same error message appears i.e. the account does not seem to be permanently marked as closed (it is showing a positive balance) and I have to go through the same process to get rid of the message.


1. Is it possible to stop the account from trying to connect to the bank?

2. Is there anyway to merge the two accounts?

3. Is there anyway to export the data including the QB transaction categories and then import them to the new account?


Many thanks

QuickBooks Team

Banking - closed account



In the Self Employed package,1. There is not a way to merge in the Self Employed product 2 bank account connections into one. 2.You can toggle off in the cog in the top right>bank accounts the account you do not want to see however it will remove the transactions added as well from view from that bank account. 3.You could from the banking page and the arrow icon in the top-right download the transactions you would just need to make sure the date range set to the one you want and under account change it to the account you want to download. You could then toggle of that account and go to the cog again in the top right and import and select the bank you want to import into. I hope that makes sense any questions just ask.

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