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Barclaycard business connection

"Account name is already linked to a bank feed. Select a QuickBooks account without an existing bank connection" is the message that I see when trying to connect a new Barclaycard Business account.


Recently, Barclaycard has created a new account for the company, closing an account which was connected to QBO online. I have created a new account in QBO online with a different name to the closed account, tried to connect, but can't get beyond the above message.


Barclaycard business connection

Hello dsm24apr,


There are a few troubleshooting steps that we do to fix the error. First, we can review the account to make sure it's not connected to any of your bank accounts.


1. On the left panel menu, click Accounting and go to the Chart of Accounts tab.

2. Look for the account you created earlier.

3. Click the drop-down arrow next to Account history and select Edit.

4. Make sure it's not connected to your actual bank.

5. Disconnect the account from your bank.


If the account isn't connected to your bank, we can do browser troubleshooting steps. We can use a private browser to get rid of any cache related issues. Then, connect your bank again. If you can successfully do it, we can clear the cache storage of your regular browser. Using other supported browsers can be a good alternative, too.


Let me know how this goes, or if you have other concerns. I'll be right here to further help you.

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