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QuickBooks Team

Re: Co-op bank feed not working

That's great news! Glad to hear this is finally working for you great to see other members of the Community contributing!


I will also make sure to feedback to our Banking team that removing the special character from the password has resolved the connection issue. If when the account automatically updates you have any missing transactions these can be manually imported using as CSV file which can be downloaded from your bank. To do this on the Self Employed account you will find a 'Cog Wheel' in the top right corner of your screen then select 'Imports'.


Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with.

Level 2

Re: Co-op bank feed not working

I am having same problem.

New co op bank account that i cant add to quickbooks.

I go though all procedures- put in customer id and user id, token passowrrd etc etc and it wont connect.It just says go to your bank site for a message whih ive done a hundred times and there is no message.

Ive spoken to co op and they say that quickbooks need to update their feed, as there is a new URL.So quickbooks can you get your act together please as im paying good money for a service and receiving nothing!!

Level 3

Re: Co-op bank feed not working

Have you made sure your Coop password doesn’t have symbols in it? That’s what worked for me.