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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Debtors Showing Large -£ number

Hello, My debtors continues to show a large -£ number, currently -£600, i have removed around £1k but the remainder says it cant be cleared or doesnt give me the option to clear. the business i run is an oven cleaning business so we take card paynent on site at the time of the work so debtors dont technically exist, so i am confused as to how they still show Anybody had similar and how do you fix it as i believe debtor should be £0 Thanks
John C
QuickBooks Team

Debtors Showing Large -£ number

Hi usertom The debtors account will will show positive amounts when you create invoices which will then be negated when you receive payment on the invoices. If there is a negative amount showing in the account this maybe due to you allocating deposits, either manually or from the banking screen, to the debtors account. If these deposits are meant to be used to pay inc=voices then you should receive payment on the invoices and us the deposits as payments. You could add them in as sales receipts and they then won't populate in the debtors account.

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