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Migration from Sage to QB done via Journal Entries with no VAT element

Hi All,

I have been struggling with the guys at Quickbooks who migrated my data over from Sage, I am in the UK and I am VAT registered for cash accounting. When they migrated my data things like my purchases and sales were entered as Journal Entries. I queried this several times as there was no VAT shown on the entry. I have now come to calculate my VAT and I was correct that the VAT is calculating correctly. I have spent hour on the phone with Quickbooks migration and help teams and they have no interest what so ever in helping solve the issue, the last migration guy told me I should keep using sage! All I want to know is there any way to add VAT to the journal entries made? Rather than using journal entries should the data have been migrated by entering individual bills and sales in Quickbooks to mimic the outstanding sales & purchases in Sage? These guys have no interest in helping me probably due to the time issue of correcting their error, I wish I had gone with XERO now as my new accounts package for my companies. Has anyone got any idea how I can fix what they have done as they are totally unwilling to do so , so far my experience using Quickbooks has not been pleasant at all. Thanks in advance!  


Migration from Sage to QB done via Journal Entries with no VAT element

Hello Illuma,


In my experience, you can add VAT to the journal entries after you set up the sales taxes.


1. Click the Create menu (+) and select Journal Entry.

2. Select the accounts, and enter the details.

3. Click Save and close.


You can always reach out to us here in Community if you have concerns.

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