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Audit log shows accounting firm's administrator name instead of actual user on some companies. Anyone else experienced this?



Our accountancy firm has most clients on QBO. I have noticed that when I am working on a client's books, for some of the clients audit log shows name of our firm's administrator - Mr. Partner.


However, for others it shows name of actual team member - Mr. Staff21. So I know QBO has this capability. I am not sure what triggers this. Is this due to some setting by administrator? Due to client's subscription level?


An example of why it's important. Staff1 worked on payroll, Staff2 worked on VAT/SalesTax return and now staff3-the manager is working on year end accounts and has identified some transactions that he wants to discuss but can't know which staff member did those entries.


In summary my question is:


  1. Why does this happen?
  2. How can one enable it to show actual team member


Thank you

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