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Cant find inventory price rules in QBO?


Cant find inventory price rules in QBO?

Hello, companydirector1.


I'd like to give some information about the missing Price Rules in QuickBooks Online. 


The Price Rules feature is only available in the US version. However, there's a workaround you can use to replicate the Price Rules feature. 


You can add a discount to your invoice or sales receipts. There are two ways to do this. You would want to enable the Discount setting or use a service. 


If you need a guide on the options available, you can check this article for the steps: Add a discount to an invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks Online.


You can also look for a third-party app that lets you have the features similar to Price Rules. In QuickBooks Online, go to the Apps tab then look for an app. Use keywords such as "price rules" or similar. 


Our developers might be planning to bring the Price Rules feature in other versions. Stay tuned for updates in our email blasts and in-product pop-ups. 


If you're looking for a guide regarding your cash flow in QuickBooks, check this article for more details: Track your cash flow in QuickBooks Online.


Do you have questions in recording your transactions? Or do you need help with other features and functions in QuickBooks? Let me know the details and I'll gladly lend a hand again. 

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Cant find inventory price rules in QBO?

This seems like a pretty big thing to exclude. It looks like the feature has been in the US for around 3 years now.


Following your suggestion of searching for third party apps doesn't give any results in the app store either. 


Having product pricing based on customer group seems like a pretty basic feature, and is obviously available in QB outside the UK. 

Can you please let us know why the UK version has this feature disabled?

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