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Business Performance Dashboard

Small businesses need to make critical decisions every day to keep their businesses healthy and strong, but they often don’t have the financial expertise to make these decisions.  Accounting professionals are in the best space to help push their business to the next level by giving advisory services.  QuickBooks Online Accountant will help accounting professionals gain the tools they need to become more confident Advisors to their clients. 

What is happening
Business Performance Dashboard will be released to all Accountant users in order to provide the best tools for accountants to provide advisory services.  This new dashboard will be available when you click into the Overview Tab and select Business Health.

What does the Dashboard do
The purpose of the business performance dashboard is to allow accounting professionals to keep their client on track and using a more visual and consolidated view.  There are currently two sections on the dashboard.  We will continue to add function and make improvements as you get more feedback. 

Key Metrics
The Key Metrics section lets you quickly get a glance on how your client is doing      financially compared to a past time period.  You can easily adjust the time period with the two drop downs provided. When a circle is green is means the numbers are looking better   compared to the past period and when a circle is orange it indicates the number is not doing as well as the past period. 


Uk business performance numbers.png


Trends allow you to see a holistic performance of your client in a visual view without having to pull the data together one by one.  You can use the trends to compare this year versus last year as well as help you identify where your client should improve or need to dig deeper on.



Coming soon - export information quickly to share with your clients.  Add notes on your excel or pdf export. 

Level 2

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

A net worth chart would also be useful, comparing the value in the company overtime from a balance sheet perspective rather than just looking at profit.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

Hello there, @cwmpartnership.


I appreciate the new information you've added some users will be able to use this as an additional workaround. I'll also be sending a suggestion on your behalf based on this interaction.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Have a good one! 

Level 2

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

One very useful change to the new Business Performance Dashboard would be if it could be available to analyse our own practice's accounts in.


At the moment we can produce beautiful graphs and stats for our clients QuickBooks files but, for those of us who manage our own accountancy practice accounts using QuickBooks Accountant, we can't actually produce the same report for our own business!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

Thanks for sharing your insight on this cwmpartnership, we agree this feature should be accessible within the QuickBooks Accountant file and have passed your feedback onto our development team.

Level 2

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

As you may have gathered, from my earlier posts, I am using this quite a lot now particularly for our larger clients and have another improvement request please.


Currently it reports on the most recent 12 months only but, importantly, those dates cannot be varied so, when finalising interims to 30 September today (8 November) I have produced the report but it is also presenting October and the first 8 days of November which I don't want or need.


Can you please incorporate the option of selecting the period to be reported on, just from/to month-year options.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

Hi cwmpartnership


Thank you for your suggestions, we will submit a product enhancement request.

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Re: Business Performance Dashboard



I am loving this new feature.  But could we have a comma in the income and expenses numbers when they go into thousands please?  If we are going to use these with our clients, they find it hard to look at big numbers without separators.  So, £10000.00 currently would be £10,000.00.  We probably don't need pence on these ones either, but as some people may want to see that level of detail, it would be awesome if we would have the option of displaying pence or not..


Thank you



QuickBooks Team

Re: Business Performance Dashboard

Hey BWJo, 


Thanks for sharing you feedback, we're happy to hear you are finding the new dashboard tool useful and have passed your feedback on the comma number format to our developers :)