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Advanced Payroll - only ONE admin logged in at a time?


Can i start by asking: Have I lost all payroll settings as i was unable to cancel transfer to new admin email? All pension and holiday settings etc?


Screenshot 2021-01-02 114911.png


Can I add that changes to especially payroll, like the Employee termination function removed makes our jobs that much harder especially when it comes to payroll. 


We're already having to spend hours dealing with furlough, holiday pay and the rest of the troubles these closure restrictions have brought so please do not make unnecessary changes or you're simply gonna loose us. There's plenty of other accounting software out there and I am getting really annoyed with QB. 


Not allowing 2 users at the same time is greedy and I am guessing you want to charge for multiple users otherwise why the restriction? Very greedy if so if you asked me.


Not happy if I have to reset the whole payroll after only finalising it from desktop move to here, now more nuisance to deal with.


Stop changing things that are working fine. Please!




Advanced Payroll - only ONE admin logged in at a time?

I've got you covered with your payroll concern, @BladeTwick.


I recognize the need of being able to run your payroll seamlessly. Let me make it up to you by sharing some ideas on how to get around this issue.


Currently, you can only use one payroll admin email. Also, two users should be able to use payroll at the same time. To fix this, the other user can use an incognito or a different browser when accessing payroll.


You'll get the prompt to transfer the admin role when one user is logged in. Then, the other owns or installed the app. To prevent changes or cancel the transfer, you can click the No, thanks button.


If the issue persists, you can contact our Payroll support team for further help. They can provide additional fixes to get you going.


We've collated some handy articles for more QuickBooks Payroll tips: QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll Hub.


Feel free to add your comment below if you have more payroll concerns. The Community is here to help you.

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