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Delete a Pay Run in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll

To delete a pay run you must first unlock it. You can also delete unfinalised pay runs.

To delete a pay run you need to:

  1. Select the required unlocked or unfinalised pay period.
  2. Select the red Delete Pay Run button on the far right hand side.
  3. In the dialogue that drops down, confirm by clicking the blue delete button.

Once the pay run is deleted, it cannot be undone and the related data will not be able to be retrieved.

If you run multiple periods and need to make changes in a previous period you can unlock the period you need to make the necessary changes and go back to the current period. You don't need to run the payrolls in sequence you can go back to the current period and your figures will be updated and most importantly your FPS to HMRC will be updated.

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