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David Foster
Level 1

Payroll access rights

Hi, I am thinking about using Paysuite for our payroll but I don't want any other Quickbooks Online users to have access to the payroll data or reports. Therefore, is it possible to set up Paysuite so that only the Master Admin user (i.e. me) has access and all other users, including an Admin user and Standard users, cannot access the payroll data or reports?



QuickBooks Team

Payroll access rights

Glad to see you again here in the Community, @David Foster.


I'm here to discuss with you how you can restrict a user from accessing payroll in QuickBooks Online.


When granting the user access in QuickBooks Online, you have the option to restrict their access from payroll. Once you do that, the only users who can view payroll info and reports are the master admin, company admin, or accountant user.


That said, you'll have to change the access of the other users to standard so you'll be able to set up and work with PaySuite on your own.


You may read through these links attached for more details about the different user types and modifying their access in the system: 

However, please know that we have launched a new advanced payroll product that will replace PaySuite. To give you complete information about this update, you can check out these resources:

I'll be right here to help you if there's anything else that you need. I'd be happy to assist you. Have a lovely day and stay safe!

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