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Preparing and running payroll year end 2019/20 for QuickBooks Desktop

This article provides you information you need to know to complete your year end tasks.


Check and order P60 stationery from HMRC

You can order directly from HMRC or you can contact them on 0300 123 1074. It is not possible to download the P60's as you need the physical forms.


Tip: Please ensure you order enough to allow for printing errors. These forms are free of charge.  Create a backup of your data before upgrading your software and it's always good idea to re-sort lists, verify and re-build at the same time.


Important: Please note that HMRC stationery is the only form of stationery compatible with QuickBooks Desktop.


Take a backup of your company file

Protect yourself against any accidental data issues, take a backup.


Ensure you are running on the correct version

To check what version you are currently running, open QuickBooks and select F2 on your keyboard. The product information screen will appear. Your release number will be shown at the end of the top line. You need to be on QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Premier Accountant 2020 R6 (available from March 19,2020).


Download and install the latest QuickBooks version

If you are not on the latest version, install the latest version.


Run your final payroll

Run payroll as usual, this must be done on or before the final payment date. When you have finished processing the payroll you have two options:

Option 1

  1. Submit your final FPS and your final submission (on or before payment date)
  2. Choose the option "This is my last submission on or before 5th April for the entire PAYE scheme
  3. Follow year-end process as detailed below

Option 2

  1. Submit your regular FPS only on or before the payment date.
  2. Use this option if you also have to submit an EPS.
  3. Ensure the EPS contains the correct YTD figures for CIS and NIC.
  4. Process your final EPS.

Note: Submit your final FPS before April 19th


Run your payroll year-end

Once you have your final payroll and have your data, run your year-end tasks to close off 2019/20 tax year.

  1. On the Employees menu, select Payroll forms then Process Payroll Year End
  2. Select the Payroll Year as 2019/2020
  3. Check the employees you wish to process and select Review P60 Data. Select Next to review the P60s for all selected employees and then OK once you have finished.
  4. Select Submit Final Submission and submit.


Printing P60s

When you are ready to print P60s, select Print P60 forms, load the stationery into your printer and click Print.

Once you have printed the forms, we recommend also making a PDF copy for your records. You can do this by selecting a PDF printer.

Note: Employers are required to provide P60s to employees by 31st May 2020.


Adjusting Figures

When you adjust any individual payments an Earlier Year Update (EYU) is automatically generated by QuickBooks. Submit EYU from within the Employees menu - RTI - selecting FPS/EYU.


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