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Dynamic Treasurer
Level 3

QBO Advanced Payroll not able to post a journal to QB

Have run 2 Pay runs in Period 2 (Period 1 worked ) but have message that Journal not able to be posted.

Have had to copy previous journals, and edit, values and descriptions, but not altered any receiving accounts.

How can I recreate the link from payroll to journals.?

Because Advanced Payroll uses its own account structure and then forces that into QB, a lot of account categories are duplicated as we had imported our account structure from desktop.



Kristine Mae

QBO Advanced Payroll not able to post a journal to QB

This is already under investigation, Dynamic Treasurer.


Some users are also experiencing the same thing. QuickBooks Advanced Payroll is unable to create a payroll journal.


We have a workaround for you. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create a dummy journal entry with a unique reference number and save it (Example reference number: Payroll Journal 1).
  2. Go back to the affected pay run, then click Export to QBO. This will create the necessary payroll journal.
  3. Delete the dummy journal entry.

Although, if the steps didn't work, you'll have to create the payroll journal manually.


Also, I'd suggest reaching out to our payroll support. We're taking notes of the customers who are affected by the issue. Here's how:

  1. Click Help inside QuickBooks Online.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter "QuickBooks Advanced Payroll is unable to create a payroll journal" in the description field, then click Let's talk.
  4. Select either Start messaging or Get a callback.

If you have other concerns, you're always welcome to post in the Community.

Dynamic Treasurer
Level 3

QBO Advanced Payroll not able to post a journal to QB

QBO Advanced Payroll not able to create a payroll journal and post it to QB.  Month 1 worked ok, generated journal and sent FPS to HMRC.  Had an e-mail from QB to say "this is already under investigation" and "Some users are experiencing the same thing". When I tried a Help Chat (for 2 hours) the chat people didn't know about the problem and were clearly struggling to understand the problem, nor how to resolve it. I ran out of time, so had to end the chat. Anyone else have any knowledge of this?


The attached file is the transcript of the chat messages.

QuickBooks Team

QBO Advanced Payroll not able to post a journal to QB

I appreciate the details that you gave, @Dynamic Treasurer.


Allow me to provide some clarifications about being unable to create a payroll journal and have it posted in QuickBooks Online.


I know that being in contact with several representatives was never been easy. Fixing this hurdle can save you time and get you back on track.


However, as mentioned by my colleague above, this matter has been reported as an ongoing issue. Our engineers are still working to identify the root cause of this problem so they can apply a permanent resolution.


For now, you may follow the workaround suggested in getting your work done. Rest assured, you'll be notified once any updates of this issue are made available since you've contacted our Customer Care Team already. 


For your reference, I'm adding here some great articles that can guide you in utilizing Advanced Payroll in QBO:

Your patience and understanding in this situation are much appreciated.


Know that my doors always open to help if you have any other concerns. Just drop a reply below. Take care!

Dynamic Treasurer
Level 3

QBO Advanced Payroll not able to post a journal to QB

The Kristine Mae response was in 2 parts./

I tried the first (creating a dummy Jnl) with no success, so then 'reached out' to the support team via the chat, but no one seemed to recognise the issue. Apologies for duplicating the question, but I have struggled to get questions in , s the 'Post flooding' message has popped up and prevented some attempts getting through..

I think the problem is that I may have made inactive an account category - Payment  - "Payroll Clearing" as it appeared as an unused code in the chart of accounts (having already run two payruns and no entry in this account), along with many other duplicated categories that resulted from the Payroll and the pre-existing ones from the importation of our desktop chart of accounts.  

I won't know if that was the problem until I try to run period 3 payruns. 

QB should have a clear instruction set in setting up payroll and linking it to the chart of accounts. Bizarrely I have only now just found the Chart of Accounts within Payroll settings. I had previously assumed it was the same as the Chart of Accounts in the main Settings list. 

I have wasted a lot of time because of the absence of clear unambiguous and easily identifiable menu items, instructions etc. . QB advanced Payroll really is not easy, its off the shelf but it needs very careful set-up and tailoring to individual customer requirements. There is an almost complete lack of information - what happens if I select this option, and many of the headline buttons e'g Export Payrun - what does that do - no prior explanation? 


QBO Advanced Payroll not able to post a journal to QB

Let me join, @Dynamic Treasurer.

Allow me to share information about the chart of accounts in the payroll settings and the investigation status. 

The accounts in Payroll Settings are similar to the ones on the Accounting page. It is just a preference, so you can choose where to post the payroll taxes, deductions, and other amounts.


Since the steps provided above doesn't work on your end, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team again to add you to the list of affected users. Once added, you’ll receive a notification via email about the status of the issue.


You can present this investigation number INV-41738 to the representatives who will be assisting you as a reference. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter the concern in the description field, then click Let's talk.
  4. Choose to Get a callback.

I've included these articles that will help and guide you more about Payroll in QuickBooks:


I agree that QuickBooks Payroll advanced is not easy, but I'd be more than willing to lend you a hand and help you out as much as I can.

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