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Directors NI not deducted

There is no director's NI deducted for my month 12 payslip, where there should be as the earning is above the limit. I have contacted the support team, and they escalated it to another team, before telling me the payslips are correct (which is obviously not) and ask me to calculate NI from HMRC website? I tried to reply the email with a screenshot of HMRC NI calculation, but the email got bounced back because they have closed the case? Could someone please help? I really don't want to go through the slow responding Webchat or the screen share thing again.

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Directors NI not deducted

I think I have found the problem. I started using Paysuite for the payrolls in September last year, and was using different software before. Although I have put the year to date figures in and the gross pay amount on the payslip is correct, Paysuite did not add my first 5 month earning to calculate the director's NI contribution. Please advice what I should do?

QuickBooks Team

Directors NI not deducted

Hi there, tianyaoyaos.

Thanks for sharing such detailed information. It gives me an overview of what really happened to the employee’s payroll.

It’s my priority the National Insurance is deducted from your employee's payroll.

To resolve the issue, we’ll have to review the notes from your previous case. The process requires account verification which can’t be done in a public forum like the Community.

I suggest you sign up to our Get a callback feature, so you’ll receive assistance from our phone support team. They can check why the case was closed and will provide instructions to you on how to amend the payroll information from PaySuite.

To contact them:


  1. Go to Help at the top, then click on the Contact Us link.
  2. In the What can we help you with? window, enter contact support in the field box.
  3. In the Choose a way to connect with us section.
  4. Select Get a callback.

For future reference, check out this link on how the Director's National Insurance in PaySuite is calculated.


Let me know what the results are after contacting our support. I want to make sure this is taken care of for you. Have a good one.


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