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Self Billing

I am new to QuickBooks and would like some advice on the following:-

I am a sheep farmer here in the UK and when I sell sheep through the livestock market I receive payment for my sheep with all deductions (levy,commissions and services) already deducted.  All services have VAT and the sheep do not.  How do I go about entering this on QuickBooks?  Thank you.

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Re: Self Billing

Hi Vicky,


You could set up multiple products and services within QuickBooks Online. This will allow you to set up the VAT codes correctly per item/service. 


Here is a tutorial video I made in regards to fees/deductions: Matching invoices where charges have been deducted


If you need anymore help please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Kind Regards,



Re: Self Billing

Brilliant answer, @EmilyMockett! Thank you for that! Smiley Happy The tutorial videos are so helpful. You should be chuffed that you have a bank of knowledge, you're a great contributor to this community.


@vickyT - I would love to know more about your business! How long have you been a sheep farmer for? Do you enjoy your job? Smiley Happy


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