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Online Payroll, entering negatiev tax code (UK)

Hi, I'm hoping someone in the UK can help me with this.


I've just received an HMRC coding notice and need to change a tax code in QBO Online Payroll to K242 - a "K" code denotes a negative tax allowance. Unfortunately Online Payroll doesn't appear to accept this tax code as being valid. Any ideas how I can enter this?



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Re: Online Payroll, entering negatiev tax code (UK)


Solved it myself! You need to enter a capital "K" not a lower-case "k".



Re: Online Payroll, entering negatiev tax code (UK)

Hi, @PaulClark!


Welcome to the U.K QB Community!


Awesome work resolving the query yourself. I am a QB user too and I always try and solve my queries first, this helps me practice and strengthen my skills - it makes me feel rather smug too when I master it! 


I would love to know more about you! Are you an accountant? Do you own a small business? Are you self-employed?

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