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How to install and configure the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver

QODBC driver for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions allows you to export data from your company file to programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Filemaker, Alpha, QlikView, Python, or .Net. to create custom reports.

How to Configure the ODBC driver

  1. In QuickBooks, select File then Utilities > Set Up ODBC.
  2. Go to the General tab.
    1. Select Use the Company file that's now open in QuickBooks option.
    2. In the Data Source Name, enter QuickBooks Data.
    3. Click the Test Connection to QuickBooks button.Note: You must be signed in to your company file as "Admin" to be able to successfully run the test connection.
  3. When the message "Test Connection to QuickBooks Successful" appears, click OK, then choose Apply.
  4. Go to the Messages tab.
    1. Clear the Detail Tracing (Slow) checkbox (if enabled).
    2. Select the Display Optimiser Status Panel checkboxes (if disabled).
    3. (Optional) To view details of what QODBC is working on, select the Display Driver Status Panel.Note: When selected, QODBC detailed information will appear on a window above the system tray. This will show information such as the number of records processed and the current running activity in QODBC. It will also provide assessment of speed using optimised and non-optimised data, which will serve as an indicator if troubleshooting steps for the software's performance need to be done.
    4. Click Apply.
  5. Go to the Optimiser tab.
    1. Select the Use Optimiser box (if disabled).
    2. Default Optimiser file path is (%AppData%\QODBC Driver for QuickBooks\Optimiser). This is the recommended path to use.
    3. Select The start of every query (if not selected), then click Apply.Note: Initial optimisation time may vary depending on the file size. It usually takes 24 hours. The more transactions are made, the longer optimisation will take. Once completed, data connections with QuickBooks will run faster.
  6. Click OK to exit the ODBC Driver setup.

Please refer to for tutorials, troubleshooting steps, syntax and support.

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