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Expanding into garden design

Hi Everyone,


Has anyone here ventured into garden design? Do you have any particular advice about doing it successfully?


I'm based just north of London. I've been gardening pretty much for 40 years, and a professional gardener for 20 years. My strength is mainly in Planting Design. But the challenge is how to actually get clients for this. It isn't a cheap service.


I recently joined Houzz for a 1 year contract, for an eye-watering £210 per month, with promises of being able to earn enough to justify that amount. There's a lot of marketing involved there.


I have a website, and a sponsored listing in And I am with Rated People, and have a monthly rolling contract with The Directory Guys who promise to raise my website into the first 5 results locally on Google for garden design.


My hand is in too many pies maybe? Well, Rated People seems good for "bread and butter" work. shows good reviews for me. (I started to add a review section to my website). I'm counting on Houzz and The Directory guys for the main future results regarding the Garden Design.


I'd be very grateful for any input?


Have a great year!




Re: Expanding into garden design

Hi @Karsty, thank you for posting this thought-provoking article!


By no means am I a Gardener but I can sure offer advice that may help your business :smileyhappy:.


You're right about having a presence on Google. Google is the most-used search engine at the moment, and we're seeing less  television and radio adverts for services like Gardening - people typically search in Google for the work they need doing in their local area. You can have a go at ensuring you place well on Google yourself too. The process involves going to and filling out a listing form. Be certain to provide all of the information you possibly can, including a logo, pictures and video testimonials from satisfied customers. The more that is there, the more likely the listing is to get clicked on.

Also, if you have a work van/vehicle that you use to get from job to job, to brand it clearly with a logo and number to get you. If you're parked outside a client's house and doing a fantastic job to the front lawn, then passers by can easily identify you and note your number down for when they need work doing. 


I hope these tips can help and I wish you good luck!