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Team member settings and permissions in QuickBooks Time

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Learn about QuickBooks Time team members settings and permissions. Some permissions can be set company-wide from Company Settings, but the following can be found in individual team member permissions in Team Member Details in My Team.


  • Only account administrators and managers can adjust permissions for a team member.
  • When a team member is made a manager in QuickBooks Time, they can adjust permissions for their group or crew only.


To access Team Member Details, go to My Team, and select a team member.

  • General: Name, access, time zone, pay information (visible for admins only), group assignment, and contact information.
  • Permissions: User type and what a team member can see and manage. See below for more detailed information.
  • Customers: Assign or unassign parent and child customers that a team member can clock in or out of. 
  • Custom Fields: Select the link under Items to assign specific items in each custom field 
    • If a team member is assigned a required custom field and is assigned 0 custom field items, they won’t be able  to clock out or edit timesheets where that custom field displays.
  • Time Off: Types of time off that a team member can submit. 
    • To set up unique time off accruals for a team member, select the link under Accruals, make the desired edits, and select Apply.
  • Overtime: Settings that determine overtime calculations. 
  • Location: Requirement that GPS must be turned on for the team member to clock in. 
  • Notifications: Clock in/out reminders and notification method(s).


Default user types

There are four default user types that determine permission levels. After selecting a user type, adjust individual permissions as necessary.

  • Admin: Admins have all permissions and access to Company Settings, Feature Add-ons, and integration syncing and set up if there’s an integration.
  • Payroll Manager: View timesheet reports for all team members and approve timesheets for all team members are default permissions. 
  • Custom: All permissions are optional except Account Management. 
    • To View timesheet reports for all team members, Approve/reject timesheets for all team members must be checked. 
  • Worker: All permissions are optional other than the ones that are crossed off. 

Detailed permission settings

Account management: Only administrators can make adjustments to their company's QuickBooks Time account and company settings. An administrator may set more than one team member as an administrator.

Mobile time entry: Authorises users to clock in and out from any internet-enabled mobile device. This is selected (and greyed out) by default if “Manage my timesheets” is selected. Uncheck “Manage my timesheets” if you need to customise the “Mobile time entry” permission.

See "Who's Working" for entire company: Allows users to see the Who's Working window, which displays a list of team members that are clocked in.

Manage my timesheets: Allows users to sign in from anywhere and manage all aspects of their timesheets.

View timesheet reports for all team members: Allows users to view and download all reports except the approvals report.

  • Approve/reject timesheets for all team members: Allows users to also view the approvals report and approve, unapprove and reject timesheets.

Manage timesheets for all team members: Allows users to view, edit or delete a timesheet.

Manage authorisation: Allows users to authorise and unauthorise computers for clocking in and out. 

Manage team members and groups: Allows users to manage team member settings and group settings.

Manage jobs (or customers) and custom fields for Company: Allows users to create, manage, or delete jobs (or customers) and custom fields.

View and Manage Schedules: Allows users to view and/or manage their own schedule, their group's schedule, or the entire company's schedule

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