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Get started with Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced and Accountant

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Spreadsheet Sync lets you securely send data back and forth between QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant and your Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet for up-to-date data and custom insights.

Using Spreadsheet Sync, you can:

  • Create reports the way you want.
    • Use spreadsheets to create custom charts and graphs using data from QuickBooks.
  • Keep your data in sync.
    • Add and edit large batches of data in your spreadsheet, and sync it right back to QuickBooks.
  • Run multi-company reports in spreadsheets.
    • Group companies and run consolidated reports in spreadsheets.

Note: Only QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant admin users can open and manage Spreadsheet Sync.

Tips to get started with Spreadsheet Sync

  1. To Sign in to Spreadsheet Sync from your QuickBooks Advanced dashboard:
    1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Spreadsheet Sync. (Note: You require Office 365 edition of Excel to use Spreadsheet Sync). Follow the on-screen steps to open Excel and access Spreadsheet Sync.
    2. In Excel, select Spreadsheet Sync from the ribbon on the Home tab.
    3. Select Get started, then select Sign in, and enter your QuickBooks credentials to sign in to the tool.
    4. If you have multiple companies, search for, or select a company from the list.
  2. To create a spreadsheet report:
    1. Select Run report from the Spreadsheet Sync panel.
    2. Select the company from the Select company ▼ dropdown.
    3. From the Select report ▼ dropdown, select a report you're adding data from.
    4. Select the filters according to the data you want.
      Note: The filters vary depending on the type of report.
    5. Select Run report to get the data on the spreadsheet.
      Note: You can use the spreadsheet’s native capabilities to create custom charts and graphs with your QuickBooks data.
  3. To add or edit data to your QuickBooks Online Advanced company:
    1. Select Create or edit records from the Spreadsheet Sync panel.
    2. If you have multiple companies, select a company from the Select company ▼ dropdown.
    3. Select a template from the Select a record type ▼ dropdown.
    4. Select an option
      1. To add data:
        1. Select Add new records to QuickBooks.
        2. Select Get template. You see a message that the template has been created.
      2. To edit data:
        1. Select Edit QuickBooks records and sync back if you want to bring in existing records from QuickBooks.
        2. Select the filters to download the data you want.
        3. Select Get template.
        4. Enter information about transactions on each line of the sheet as required and mark the row under the Post? column as “Yes”, if you want to sync it back to Quickbooks.
        5. When you're done adding or editing the records in the sheet, select Sync to QuickBooks.
        6. Select Sync to confirm.

To learn more, see how you can create and edit budgets with Spreadsheet Sync.

Accessing Spreadsheet Sync

The following user types can access Spreadsheet Sync in QuickBooks Online Advanced:

  • Primary Admin
  • Company Admin
  • Standard (All access)

The following parameters apply to Accountant users:

  • Team members must have been provided client access
  • Only clients with Advanced SKUs can use Spreadsheet Sync
  • An Accountant user is considered a Company Admin on their client's company, thus all Accountant users should be able to access Spreadsheet Sync within a client's Advanced file.

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