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Combine reports from multiple companies using Spreadsheet Sync in QuickBooks Online Advanced

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Learn how to combine reports from multiple QuickBooks Online Advanced companies using Spreadsheet Sync. 

Combining the reports gives you a more organised view of your companies' financial behaviour.

​​Before you combine reports

  • Make your chart of accounts in each company file identical as much as possible. Account names aren’t case-sensitive.
    • Accounts get combined if they have the same name, the same type, and are at the same hierarchical level in each report.
  • Accounts won’t get combined if:
    • They’re at different levels, such as a subaccount with a main account
    • They have spelling differences, such as “phone” and “telephone”
    • They have different account numbers
    • One account has an account number, but the other account doesn’t

Run multi-company reports

If you haven’t already, first Add your QuickBooks Online Advanced company data to Spreadsheet Sync.

In Spreadsheet Sync, you can combine these reports from multiple company files:

  • Balance Sheet - Multiple Periods
  • Profit and Loss - Multiple Periods
  • Trial Balance - Multiple Periods

Combine reports

  1. In the Spreadsheet Sync panel, select Run multi-company reports.
  2. From the Select group ▼ dropdown, select the group you want to run the reports for.
  3. Select report under the select a report to run field.
  4. Select filters to download the data you want from the source.
    Note: The filters may vary depending on the type of report. 
  5. Run report to get the data onto your spreadsheet. 
  6. Use the spreadsheet’s built-in features to create custom charts and graphs with your QuickBooks data.

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